Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lee Min Ho "Beautiful Inside-Out, a Donation of Talent" for DMZ Documentary Narration - 06.12.2016

Lee Min Ho was recently known to join and donate his talent free of charge for narrating a documentary "DMZ's Wild Secret" (Tentative/Working Title). So far no further information published yet on what the documentary will be about, but this will be Lee Min Ho's first debut in a documentary film, and it was published that he was giving his active participation on the documentary, doing on-site visit for the purpose of deepening his knowledge and atmosphere for the documentary film.

Lee Min Ho will be sharing one of his other talent for his fans and viewers, joining to narrate MBC's Documentary "DMZ's Wild Secret" (Tentative/Working Title), that was expected to broadcast next year. Some countries will be able to see the documentary in UHD (Ultra High Definition) next year as a special feature. Unlike other narration, Lee Min Ho was rumored to not only reading the script but to visit the site to get the mood and feelings before the narration.
This is actually not the 1st participation of Lee Min Ho in a documentary film production. Way back in 2010, he join the United Nation's (UN) International Peace Organization to deliver the story of a disastrous earthquake happening in Haiti and Chile. However, this will be Lee Min Ho's first Documentary Film debut in Souh Korea. Not to mention that he already have a jam-packed schedule, his active participation gave meanings to the expecting viewers. There are indeed DMZ-related Documentary films especially related to DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ DOCS), but it's still rare. Therefore, his participation was expected to give a good memory and give audience a unique introduction.

Some shots/filming process for the Documentary has actually been made. However, Lee Min Ho was currently pre-occupied with his on-going SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea", therefore the search for the site of the documentary production has started before the drama shooting took place. This expected Documentary Film will also be a new work of PD Kim Jin Man, which has been know and attracted attention for his film "Tears in Amazon" (2009), He can actually capture the vastness and wonderfulness of nature through "Tears of the Antarctic" (2011) and "Revolt/Rebellion of the Climate" (2014), also well received by the viewers with his wonderful observation of ecosystem in "Insect, Great Instinct" (2013). In a recent lecture that Kim Jin Man PD gave, he praised Lee Min Ho for his activeness.

Representatives from Lee Min Ho's agency MYM Entertainment stated "Thank you for MBC's proposal towards Lee Min Ho to join the documentary film". Meanwhile, MBC stated "We are in the process on applying for broadcasting, most likely February-March next year in 2017"

Reporter Baek Sol Mi / bsm@donga.com

source: Naver/DongA

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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