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Heo Jun Jae X Tsundere (Heo-Nde-Re) Fever - Lee Min Ho "Legend of The Blue Sea" - Flower Boy" - Appearance of Covered Life - 06.12.2016

Lee Min Ho "Heart-throbbing" ways of stealing hearts has set viewers to set a caution warning with his cold attitude on the outside, yet warm on the inside. The Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" revealed the latest still cuts of its male lead Lee Min Ho on 6th of December that was taken from the last 6 episodes, revealing the 5 points of "Heart-Throbbing" Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho).

As the viewers have already known, Heo Jun Jae was a person that appears cold to the mermaid Sim Chung (Jeon Ji Hyun) on the outside but actually protect Sim Chung more than anyone else. We can totally see it when his every single acts towards the mermaid.

▶ Heart-Fluttering 2-Step Combo!" I know - I don't know ~" on the snow that was 100% Addictive!

On Episode 6, Heo Jun Jae took Sim Chung to the ski resort for the first time for her to see "The 1st Snow", and tend to directly teach Sim Chung on how to ski directly. However, Sim Chung was a little bit to fast in doing Heo Jun Jae's instruction and going down in an alarming speed before even Jun Jae can finish his words, and the smart genius and fast-acting Heo Jun Jae went down quickly. He open his arms to catch Sim Chung, which Sim Chung seems to be gladly catch and fall with Jun Jae. Both of them laugh as they fall on the white snowy field. At that time, Jun Jae said "Do you know that i actually have just save your life. You know, or you don't know~" to which Sim Chung replied "I know". Is there perhaps anyone who dare to say "I don't know" or "No" to Heo Jun Jae on that kind of situation, but can't help to squeal and answer while watching since it was addictive.
▶ Addictive, "Do you get it ~ Do you not get it~"

When Jun Jae was at the church and sang "But the greatest of all is Love", Sim Chung then ask Heo Jun Jae what Love is. Jun Jae then give an answer "You don't know what love is? When you say you love someone? it means surrendering. That you're giving your all, you lost to the other person. When you love someone, to the person you love whenever they say anything, you'll believe in anything they say~" and "For me, loving someone is a big serious problem. Now tell me, will you say you love someone or not?~"

Heo Jun Jae give a detailed explanation as if he was teaching a kid who did not know anything. He then working up his mind to give a clear picture to Sim Chung on how well she understood it. Sim Chung then later answer Jun Jae with "I Love You", Jun Jae thought that Sim Chung did not understand and he failed to teach her, not knowing that Sim Chung has 100% understood.

▶ 'Cold Like a ghost yet Warm' to the climax, tracking Sim Chung's location.

Jun Jae gave Sim Chung a cell phone and transportation card, telling her to call him when she finally decided to tell Jun Jae the truth on what's happening between them in Spain, but unknown to Sim Chung, her cell phone has actually been tracked by Jun Jae.

Jun Jae who just actually, forcefully kick Sim Chung out of his house, was relieved to find out that he was able to trace Sim Chung's position as soon as she went out. However he was surprised to see Sim Chung passing through Han River and hurried out, Jun Jae has been worried about her after she sent her our of his house, in which Sim Chung was really happy to know.

▶ Helping in Distributing Leaflets Voluntarily

Heo Jun Jae, that has already in pursuit to chase after Sim Chung's location, find out that Sim Chung work as a promotional girl for a Sauna Place and give out flyers on the streets. He's fully aware of the car that park on the road near the location which has her employer inside. Enraged with the way he treated Sim Chung, Joon Jae called the Parking Management. Then Joon Jae asked some high school students and gave them money if they can give leaflets from Sim Chung without her knowing. He was also concern about her while spying, asking a lady to give her bread and a scarf.

After a while, Heo Jun Jae then notice a guy was approaching Sim Chung, he gave Sim Chung a call and said to Sim Chung "You can't just give any stranger guy you met your phone number when they ask for it..If you face any kind of those jerks tell me..they're bad people!", giving aura of a sweet jealousy and lover on the picture properly.

▶ Heo Jun Jae's specialized and exquisite ability of understanding

When Sim Chung was admitted to the hospital due to accident, she was set to be fasting just in case a surgery need to be done. Jun Jae then received a call of sadness from Sim Chung, she can't sleep due to hunger which makes Jun Jae then called the hospital to make a fuss of them not giving Sim Chung food. In the end, Sim Chung was able to eat a special Seafood Noodle breakfast and Jun Jae was watching outside smiled while watching Sim Chung eating diligently.

But then Jun Jae was aware of his action looking at Sim Chung lovingly and ask himself "What are you doing..it can't be that you're happy?". While Heo Jun Jae hating and dissing his own self, his appearance was actually attractive and cool with his new 180 degrees atmosphere and acting towards Sim Chung.

Meanwhile, the 7th episode of SBS “Legend of the Blue Sea” is expected to be broadcasted on 7th of December at 10 pm KST.

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