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Lee Min Ho "Legend of the Blue Sea" - Horse Riding Until the End Frightened, 'Devilish' Eyes - 14.12.2016

SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of he Blue Sea" just released behind the process of Lee Min Ho shooting scene with his charming smile.

Lee Min Ho, who portrayed a genius con-artist in SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of he Blue Sea" (Directed by Jin Hyuk), has been able to present a wide spectrum of charm and acting skills, transforming to many characters from time to time as a con-artist, not to mention that his character has a connection between the present and the character's previous life. Lee Min Ho has an in-dept acting skills and masculine charm, specific for melodrama and is appealing, attractive until giving "Kim Dam Ryeong" sickness.
On 14th of December, SBS revealed their latest cuts containing Lee Min Ho as the male lead shooting his character's part during Joseon Era as his character's previous life. It definitely seems to take a lot time, especially during the cold weather to shoot "Historical Scene" but Lee Min Ho's visual become a national treasure, currently riding a horse and smiling brightly. He look at the horse carefully, looking a little bit scared but "Devilish", his glare is somehow unique. Lee Min Ho seems to always able to smile brightly despite busy shooting scenes, not to mention become a lead male in the currently airing drama.

In another still cuts, we can find Lee Min Ho practicing horseback riding. Lee Min Ho has a natural appeal, even when his clothes are not properly worn for his scenes. Because Lee Min Ho had to ride a horse despite being "several characters" on the drama. The latest still cuts is like a photograph, especially when we see Lee Min Ho sitting opposite a horse, showing his innocent look.

In SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of he Blue Sea", Lee Min Ho became the male lead throughout the story, leading the story from the past to the present. Standing as the center of the mystery that become the main point of the drama, Lee Min Ho was able to bring out a stable acting, even upgrading his acting skills as a Romance-Comedy king. As viewers perhaps already have seen in episode 7 and 8 last week, we can a little bit of melancholy part with his romantic side and kiss as Kim Dam Ryeong. Lee Min Ho's acting, that just show "Tsundere Heo Jun Jae" (cold on the outside, warm on inside), then finding out about his best friend, which is also his father's Chief/Head Department which somehow connected to the past life on his dreams, where "him" also lost his best friend.Viewers also has been curious on the mystery connection between the past and the present that is unknown for know and yet to be unveiled. Not to mention that the people surrounding Jun Jae with his family, and the sad secret of a mermaid who came out to the dry land. All of the mystery surrounding Lee Min Ho has attract attention of the viewers.

Meanwhile, SBS "Legend of the Blue Sea" next episode, episode 9 with the development of real romance continuing Heo Jun Jae's surprising confession will be broadcasted on Wednesday, 14th of December on 10 PM KST.

Reporter Moon Kyeong Min /

source: Naver

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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