Wednesday, December 7, 2016

[POINT: CUT] "Legend of the Blue Sea" Siding Lee Min Ho - Jeon Ji Hyun - Jo Jung Seok "Express Meeting" Raising Expectation - 07.12.2016

[XPortsNews Reporter Park So Hyun] Actor Lee Min Ho, Jo Jung Seok, and actress Jeon Ji Hyun was seen in one spot.

On 7th of December, SBS Wednesday - Thursday "Legend of the Blue Sea" revealed the special appearance of Jo Jung Seok, who was already known to public that he will be making a special appearance ahead of the broadcast day.

Jo Jung Seok seems to have already know Sim Chung's (Jeon Ji Hyun) character, and came to Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho's house). In Jun Jae's house, there's not only him but also live the 'Con-Artist Trio' Joo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) dan Tae Oh (Shin Won Ho). Jo Jung Seok's character who was expected to be Jung Hoon who was meeting the fashionable Sim Chung was raising viewer's curiosity.
It seems from the latest still cuts, when Jun Jae opens the door of his house, he too was surprised to see Sim Chung in front of the house. On the other hand, he got more confused in finding Jung Hoon whom he was not familiar with. A strange tension definitely exist between Heo Jun Jae and Jung Hoon. The latest still cuts raised question on how these three people that form a strange triangle will unfold their interesting story.

Jo Jung Seok, who already decided to make a special cameo appearance yet unfortunately can only make limited appearance has been gaining attention when his confirmation of cameo appearance was published. Belongs to the same agency as Jeon Ji Hyun (Culture Depot), his character was actually a protagonist character and he will came out in the next 2 episodes broadcasted this week. He has received a lot of love from "Jealousy Incarnate" which was the predecessor of "Legend of the Blue Sea" as a Wednesday - Thursday night drama in SBS. The special appearance seems to bring great energy to the drama.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representative confirmed "The meeting between Lee Min Ho, Jeon Ji Hyun and Jo Jung Seok will be revealed today, we would like to say Thank You to actor Jo Jung Seok for his decision on a special appearance in the drama, and all of his crew as well~" and "Please do expect what kind of interesting story that Jo Jung Seok will brought out in the drama when he appear with Sim Cheong and Jun Jae..please do expect the direction of their love story when the 'Jealousy Incarnate' exist between the mermaid and human, please give a lot of support and love~"

Meanwhile, SBS “Legend of the Blue Sea”is broadcasting every Wednesday and Thursday on 10 pm KST. / [Photo] Culture Depot of South Korea, Studio Dragon, SBS Content Hub

source: Naver / XPortsNews

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