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Lee Min Ho "Legend of the Blue Sea" Face is Working Hard, Working Hard in Acting - Detailed Acting "Seeing the Light" - 11.12.2016

[Sports World = Reporter Choi Jeong Ah] As expected it's Lee Min Ho. His drama's rating and acting skill prove his name, and he didn't left any of those two behind.

As his latest SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" story unfolds, Lee Min Ho's delicate acting shines.

On 11th of December SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun/Directed by Jin Hyuk/Culture Depot of South Korea/Production House Studio Dragon) began to reveal their secrets, reaching almost the middle of the story by airing 8 episodes by this week. The male lead Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) finally had the urge to search for the link and relation between his present life and the past which has continuously stimulating his curiosity. The story has also reveal the secrets of mermaids, in which their hard will harden with the person they loved didn't love them back. On the other hand, secrets that centered around Heo Jun Jae about his family history and mystery will slowly be unveiled.
Heo Jun Jae went to her friend Cha Si Ah (Shin Hye Sun), not directly mentioning to her but trying to find out the meaning behind his strange dream that has beem following him lately, and turned to know about a specific pottery that Si Ah find, belongs to Kim Dam Ryeong (Lee Min Ho). As Heo Jun Jae's approach on his past continues, Ma Dae Young (Seong Dong Il) has also getting closer to Heo Jun Jae despite the police investigation to pursue Ma Dae Young. Danger is getting closer, it's not an exaggeration to say that all of the danger is connected to the secrets intertwined with Heo Jun Jae's relationship and search for his real mother Moo Yo Ran (Na Young Hee).

A lot of viewers also curious about the relationship between the past and the present, especially when it was revealed the fact that most affairs on the past were repeated on the present, and when the story of the past unveiled from the record that Kim Dam Ryeong was presumed to be death at the age of 27, viewer's tension is heightening. When the past 7 episodes started with the scenes from Joseon in a form of prologue, the 8th episode did not start with the same format. The scenes fom Joseon (past) on the 8th episode showed up around the middle and at the end, making the story of the couple more interesting, and difficult to distinguish "Which one is the dream, and what is actually happening~"

SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea", which has been able to capture viewer's and made us laugh from their early episodes by comedy charms from the actors and actress with romantic-comedy has changed their overall tone in a more serious and mellow starting from the 8th episode. Lee Min Ho is showing his strong presence with a more masculine appearance, leaving his boyhood and playful looking, after showing his "Tsundere" (Cold Outside - Warm Inside) look previously to the viewers.

After Lee Min Ho's long term of romantic comedy, Tsundere look has been revealed, Lee Min Ho's growth both as a character and acting has been revealed in a more serious tone. His acting through his eyes and emotions changed moment by moment, a prove of the professionalism of actor Lee Min Ho who returned to the small screen after 3 years. Audience's appreciation and expectation are getting higher and higher. Yet so many mysteries are still unresolved, his romance with the mermaid is expected to be a turning point, viewers are questioning on Lee Min Ho's performance and expect it to be higher.

Meanwhile, SBS “Legend of the Blue Sea”is broadcasting every Wednesday and Thursday on 10 pm KST.

source: Naver/SportsWorld

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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