Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lee Min Ho "Legend of the Blue Sea" Past Life - Present Life - Clues/Connection Confirmation and Clues Finding, Jeon Ji Hyun "Commitment" - 15.12.2016

SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of he Blue Sea" lead male Lee Min Ho is on the verge of revealing the secrets behind.

On 15th of December, The Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) release just release still cuts featuring their male lead Lee Min Ho as the genius con-artist Heo Jun Jae visiting his father's right-hand, Chief/Department Head Nam (Park Ji Il/ younger role by Choi Kwon) in the hospital. Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" itself is a fantasy romance filled with laughter and fun. The drama also have unpredictable events as the very last mermaid on the planet will meet the con-artist and will have trouble adapting to the human life, There will be a connection tying their past that will cross over to the future as the story unfold. The story line was promised to give the audience a brand new experience.

The latest still cuts revealing Chief/Department Head Nam who's finally conscious, and Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) who finally knew the news about the accident happening to the Chief/Department Head, and currently trying to find out the secrets behind the accident. On the latest still cuts, the conscious Chief/Department Head Nam is looking at Heo Jun Jae, while Jun Jae holds his hand, smiling.

In Jun Jae's predicted previous live, seems that Kim Dam Ryeong has a close friend named Yak Seon (Choi Kwon), which in a way connected Chief/Department Head Nam. Yak Seon fall in a cliff while trying to help Dam Ryeong saving his mermaid lover Se Hwa (Jeon Ji Hyun) and lost consciousness in the process. If events on the past are indeed repeated in the present,Yak Seon is somehow in a way is the reincarnation, or connected to Chief/Department Head Nam. Heo Jun Jae has somehow expected this, but he still can't expect what might happen to Chief/Department Head Nam afterward. In particular, Heo Jun Jae was pretty much aware/concerned that his present life is a repeating events from a series of events happened in the past, which he guessed was his previous life.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representatives said "Please look forward to the events where Heo Jun Jae trying to find clues, trying to find out what's happening to him in the present, what's happening in the past and the connection between them. As the story's development accelerates, the drama will get more intense~" and "How the story will unfold will keep the viewers excited..please keep supporting and loving us, and expect the broadcast~"

Meanwhile, the 10th episode of SBS "Legend of the Blue Sea" will be broadcasted on Thursday, 15th of December on 10 PM KST.

GetItK Reporter Han Ji Hee / [Photo] Culture Depot of South Korea, Studio Dragon, SBS Content Hub

source: GetItK

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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