Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Heirs Lee Min Ho, mascular build body in Malibu beach

[OSEN=Park Jung-seon] SBS new Wed/Thur drama 'The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown – The Heirs' Lee Min-ho showed off his statue like muscular build body at Malibu beach in LA.

Lee Min-ho's picture of enjoying surfing was unveiled on 8th and is garnering attention. His upper body is exposed looking like a statue.

The picture was taken on 17th last month in US, LA at Malibu beach. Lee Min-ho overwhelmed the scene with his charismatic rich heir character. At the same time, somehow he looks lonely and sad. Despite the sweltering weather, Lee Min-ho was aggressive on set full of enthusiasm.

Foreign actors who shoot with Lee Min-ho and even the local staffs all became Lee Min-ho holic. After the shoot was over, one of the foreign actor tweeted "I am honored to act with Asia's star." and said highly of Lee Min-ho.

Hwa & Dam production company said "Lee Min-ho is very delicate and caring. He takes care of others than himself and impress everyone. Eye catching charisma, faithful attitude, and heart-warming smile made him who he is today. The hottest actor today. Support Lee Min-ho's Kim Tan."

Meanwhile, 'The Heirs' writer is Kim Eun-sook who wrote 'Secret Garden' and 'Gentleman's Dignity'. With Kang Shin-hyo director who directed 'Tazza' and Midus' will work as a team for the first time. This high-teen romantic comedy drama will feature friendships and love lives of young, rich heirs surrounding the poor, normal realistic heroine. The first episode will be aired on 9th.
<Photo Credit> Hwa & Dam Pictures.

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