Saturday, October 26, 2013

The cast of 'Heirs' practice their lines in BTS photos

The cast of 'Heirs' were shown hard at work, practicing their lines as they concentrate on their scripts in BTS photos released.
Besides the all-star cast, 'Heirs' has been receiving attention for being written by veteran writer Kim Eun Sook, who is known for her work on 'Secret Garden' and 'Lovers in Paris'. Like the viewers, the cast also fell into her script and looked over their lines whenever they got a chance, curious to find out what happen's next like the rest of us.

Lee Min Ho shared, "The interesting story line in each episode always makes me anxious for the next script." Park Shin Hye added, "I work hard every moment to feel what Eun Sang feels." Kim Woo Bin said, "Whenever I read the script thoroughly, I always discover something new about Choi Young Do."
Krystal also stated, "In order to express Bo Na's emotions to its full potential, I've looked over the script so many times that I can now memorize every scene." Minhyuk shared, "I totally fell into the script. It's to the point that I normally say Chan Young's lines in his tone of speech as well." Hyungsik commented, "If I focus on the script, it feels like Myung Soo's character is portrayed vividly. His lines of bickering with the other actors are very fun."

Be patient until the next new episode of 'Heirs' next Wednesday and Thursday!

source: allkpop

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