Friday, October 4, 2013

Lee Min Ho Restrains A Guy in ‘The Heirs’

Revealing another one of his charms, Lee Min Ho participated in an action scene by the beach for SBS’ The Heirs.

On September 16, Lee Min Ho’s action scene took place at Huntington Beach in Los Angeles in front of one restaurant. This was Lee Min Ho’s first action scene. After carefully checking over all the details, Lee Min Ho pulled off his own stunts with an actor.

Under the intense coaching of director Kang Shin Hyo, Lee Min Ho finished off the first scene with no outtakes. The staff members watching the scene praised Lee Min Ho’s smooth transitions as he matched actions with the extra.
Completely into his character, Lee Min Ho attracted crowds by the beach while he played out his action scene. He even later received applause from his audience.
“Lee Min Ho is always full of laughter on the set. He’s always doing his best and making the best atmosphere to cheer the staff up. Please anticipate Lee Min Ho, who has the best attitude,” said Hwa and Dam Pictures.

Meanwhile, The Heirs will kick off on October 9.
Photo Credit: Hwa and Dam Pictures

Source: ENewsWorld

Lee Min Ho protects Park Shin Hye in his action scene for 'Heirs'

Lee Min Ho protected Park Shin Hye from a bad guy for the upcoming SBS drama 'Heirs'!

As you can see in the still cuts, Lee Min Ho acted out the fight with an extra on location at Huntington Beach, California. He must have become a pro at action scenes from his 'City Hunter' days because he successfully completed the scene in one take without any NGs.
A representative commented, "Whenever Lee Min Ho is around, the set is always filled with laughter. He does his best and makes the atmosphere by encouraging the staff. Please look forward to Lee Min Ho who has the best attitude."
If you haven't marked this on your calendars already, 'Heirs' will premiere on October 9!

source: Allkpop

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