Thursday, October 31, 2013

‘The Heirs’ Lee Min Ho, his touch and straightforward confession ‘women pounding’

[OSEN=Kang Seo-jeong] ‘The Heirs’ Lee Min-ho makes the viewers flutter with his questions, straightforward confession and a slight touch.

Lee Min-ho in SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs'(writer Kim Eun-sook, director Kang Shin-hyo) episode 7 acts manly to Cha Eun-sang(Park Shin-hye).

Kim Tan(Lee Min-ho) keeps touching Eun-sang intentionally. Kim Tan turns her attention by pointing his finger at something so that he can lean his head on her shoulders. He carelessly says "You look good on your school uniform." while he close his eyes.

When they arrive at school he follows her and loosen her hair by taking off her rubber band. He dishevels her hair and says, "Don't tie your hair in school. You look pretty when you hide your face. Like this."

Also when Eun-sang seems exhausted, he shocks her by saying "Get out of my house tomorrow. You Can't? Want to go to school? Then like me from now on. Sincerely as possible. I like you."
When she is asleep, he even hangs her dream catcher. He also shows cute side of him by saying "I want everybody to know what I do."

Netzien responded "I've never heard such heart fluttering lines.", "I envy Eun-sang.", "My heart is melting from Kim Tan's words and acts.", "Manly Kim Tan.", "Go Kim Tan!" and so on.

source: naver

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