Monday, April 9, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 09.04.2012

@ 12.30 PM: "我的初恋终于给公开了! 这些都是上个月在济州岛拍过的,当天天气很冷的但是现在看很有意思 这部微电影可以说是我们共同的电影~ 大家来参加试试吧祝韩国第一自然主义品牌innisfree在中国上"

English Translation: "Finally, my first love has been revealed!! this was filmed in Jeju last month, the weather was so cold at that time but to look at it again, it was fun to make this micro-film, it can be considered as our film, let's try it together~"

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English Translation: Monika

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