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Lee Min Ho Saves ‘Faith’ with Casting Decision

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Lee Min Ho proved that he has the power to save any drama from floundering.
Lee Min Ho recently confirmed he would be appearing in the upcoming SBS drama Faith in August for a small screen comeback.
What’s notable is that Faith was drama that was shunted from channel to channel for three years.

Ever since 2010, director Kim Jong Hak’s Faith had sent out offers to Lee Joon Gi, Song Seung Hun and Kang Ji Hwan for the lead role, but because the 3D medical drama seemed too extravagant, production continued to be delayed. As casting for the male lead became tangled, Kim Hee Sun, who chose to act as the female lead, had to push back her small screen comeback for three years along with the drama.

Kim Hee Sun had waited for Faith since its beginnings, but the drama was unable to settle down due to the lack of a proper male lead, making it wander between MBC and SBS.

At this, the producers continued to send in love calls for Lee Min Ho, and at news that Lee Min Ho had finally taken up the offer, SBS confirmed it would give Faith a time slot.

Lee Min Ho was favored by SBS’ drama division as he had led the success of City Hunter last year, and had won the Best Acting Award at the year-end drama awards. From Boys over Flowers to Personal Taste and City Hunter, Lee Min Ho continuously boasted an ability to gather interest and viewership ratings, pitching drama production companies in a war to get Lee Min Ho to appear in their dramas.

Thus in the eyes of Kim Jong Hak Production, Lee Min Ho is truly a savior for the much-maligned drama.

A rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency Starus said, “The new synopsis with scriptwriter Song Ji Na was better than the originalFaith synopsis. It also gained trust in that it was a collaborative piece between Song Ji Na and director Kim Jong Hak, who produced the hits Hourglass and The Legend.”

Lee Min Ho also said, “As soon as I read the script, I became so absorbed that I instantly read through to the sixth episode. I usually like traditional dramas, and I was considering appearing in one for a change in image, so it’s like I met a suit of armor that fit me perfectly. I wanted to try working with people I always looked up to,” showing his ‘faith’ in the writer and director.

Faith is a fusion period piece that talks of how a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty and a female doctor from the present come together to bring up a king that cures all his people. The drama is set in King Gong Min’s time, and Lee Min Ho will be playing Choi Young of the King’s personal guard, a man who later becomes the famed General Choi Young.

The piece will feature Song Ji Na’s brand of realistic settings with fast-paced thrill, detective work and humor, as Choi Young’s cold charms and Eun Soo’s (Kim Hee Sun) unpredictable ways are expected to come together in a comical combination. It’s also interesting how Kim Hee Sun will approach her love relationship with Lee Min Ho, who is younger than her, just like Han Ga In did in MBC’s The Sun and the Moon.

Faith will start airing in August following Ghost, which stars So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee.

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Lee Min Ho Confirmed for Drama "Faith"

The star Lee Min Ho of “City Hunter” and “Boys Over Flowers.” On April 3 Lee Min Ho’s agency Star Haus Entertainment confirmed that Lee Min Ho will appear on the new SBS drama “Faith” (Or Shin Eui) which will broadcast in August. As we reported before, Kim Hee Sun was confirmed for the drama. The new drama will have a historical setting which will be Lee Min Ho’s first try.

The story will be about a warrior during the Goryeo dynasty and a doctor from the present trying to make a king that heals common citizens. Lee Min Ho’s role will be the captain of the king’s guard, who will later become a general.

Lee Min Ho stated, “The moment I began to read the script, I was absorbed into it. I ended up reading up to the 6th episode. I always liked historical dramas, and wanted to appear in one for an image change. It is as if I met the perfect set of armor.” He also spoke about being excited to work with the director of the drama.”

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Lee Min Ho cast in his first historical drama, ‘Faith’

Actor Lee Min Ho will be taking his first step into the sageuk (historical drama) field with his first casting in the historical drama, ‘Faith‘.

In the upcoming SBS‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Faith’, which will air around August, Lee Min Ho will act as Admiral Choi Young, as part of King Gongmin’s escort. He later becomes General Choi.

‘Faith’, a fusion sageuk, is about a Goryeo Dynasty warrior who meets a female doctor from the modern times, and together help make a king who will truly care for and heal the people. The drama will be produced by writer Song Ji Na and PD Kim Jong Hak, who’ve worked together to create hit dramas like ‘Sandglass‘ and ‘Eyes of the Dawn‘.

Through his agency, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho stated, “Right when I read the script, I was pulled into it and read until part 6 in a dash…As I already like sageuks, and have been looking to appear in a sageuk for an image change, it seems like I’ve found an armor that fits my body.”

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