Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lee Min Ho’s continuous lively appearance & his new drama ‘Faith’

Actor Lee Min Ho will be debuting in his first sageuk [historical drama]. Announced on April 3rd by his agency, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho was confirmed for the upcoming SBS Wednesdays and Thursdays drama ‘Faith.’ Many people are showing interest due to the drama being another collaboration work by Director Kim Jong Hak and script writer Song Ji Na which they were known for their previous, popular works such as ‘Sandglass Time,’ ‘The Legend,’ etc. The casting for the drama is also gaining many people’s interest. The drama became a hot topic once Kim Hee Sun was confirmed for the drama.

‘Faith’ is a fusion drama which tells a story about a meet between a general from the Goryeo Dynasty and a doctor from the modern time period, curing the people of Chunha and the king. The historical background will specifically take place during the time period of King Gongmin’s first year of throne, and Lee Min Ho will specifically play a character who becomes the general of the king’s escort force known as General Choi.

Lee Min Ho stated, “Once I fell into the script so quickly, I didn’t know that I’ve read up until episode 6,” and, “I’ve always liked sageuk [historical drama] and wanted to choose a work that would show a new image of me, and came across this which turned out to be a perfect timing.” Also, “I’ve always wanted to work with those whom I’ve always looked up to” in which he was referring to the director and script writer.

Lee Min Ho rose in fame back in 2009 with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ playing as Gu Jun Pyo, and continuously showed a new image with great acting in his next works such as MBC ‘Personal Taste’ and SBS ‘City Hunter.’ Viewers will be able to expect to see Lee Min Ho’s spectacular martial arts skills in this new work. Also, ‘Faith’ will take place after the drama ‘Ghost’ finishes featuring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee playing the lead roles.

Original Source: Sisa Korea
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (

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