Sunday, April 8, 2012

‘Faith’ plagiarism accusation has been lifted & both parties will continue with their production

SBS officially announced on April 6th about the similarities between ‘Faith’ and ‘Dr. Jin’ that “There is no problem with the copyright infringement so the production and shooting will continue.”

The lawyer who’s representing Lee Kim Production said that the law firm representing SBS for the upcoming drama ‘Faith’ sent all the needed documents through fax. SBS revealed, “The SBS law firm was officially reviewed by a third party law firm, and came into conclusion that copyright infringement was not highly likely in this case.”

SBS also added, “In regards to whether or not if there was a copyright infringement, SBS submitted scripts from the first three episodes of ‘Faith’ while MBC submitted their own scripts for ‘Dr. Jin.’ It was determined that the copyright infringement was low,” and also explained, “In order for it to be considered a copyright infringement, both parties must have substantial similarities between their works.”

Also, “‘Faith’ and ‘Dr. Jin’ do have similar general plot about a doctor going through a time slip demonstrating modern medicine, and treating major historical figures at that time. However, this type of plot is very common in comics, movies, dramas, etc., so it is difficult to acknowledge its originality when it is borrowed from a common plot, especially when it’s still in development process such as going into specific topics, events, and backgrounds.” SBS also said, “There are other Japanese mangas such as ‘Fantasy Game’ and ‘Red River Sky’ which have similar plots as well.”

SBS concluded, “It has been determined that there was no correlation between both works based upon the nature of its characteristics and types, such as storylines and characters’ personalities,” and also revealed, “After a thorough legal review, there was no copyright infringement involved upon SBS, so the production planning for ‘Faith’ will continue without any charge.”

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun will be playing the leading roles for the drama ‘Faith’ which is set to air this August.

Original Source: JoyNews24
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (

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