Monday, April 9, 2012

Lee Min Ho - Innisfree China Promotion Videos

Event Promotion

English Translation:

Hello everyone! This is Lee Min Ho. You all know who my first love is already? Now Innisfree China is collecting stories after the ineractive movie. Please use your imagination, write to us some touching stories. We will send a pendant as a gift to the best one. Hope you will participate in this event. Please support!

Lee Min Ho with Jeju Green Tea Seeds

English Translation:

PD: Why do you come to Jeju Island?

Lee Min Ho: I am coming for Innisfree photoshoot.

PD: What do anticipate about the interactive micro film “First Love”?

Lee Min Ho: I haven’t come to Jeju Island for a year. Air is fresh here, and many delicious food . I believe it would be unforgetable experience.

PD: Please say a few words to customers of Innisfree China

Lee Min Ho: Hello, friends from China! I am Lee Min Ho, the endorser of Innisfree. Today I come to Jeju Island for photo shoot and filming micro movie. In Jeju Island together with naturalism Innisfree, I believe it would be a great & remarkable time. Soon, I will have the chance to meet you in China. Please be healthy. See you, thank you~

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