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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 06.04.2012

On Facebook and Twitter:
1. First Update: 
"안녕하세요 ^^ 8월, 새로운 드라마로 다시 인사드릴 수 있게 되었습니다. 좋은 작품이 되도록 열심히 할 테니 지켜봐 주세요^^Hello~ August, I think I can show you my new drama! Of course, I will do my best. Please wish me the best of luck! ^^
Thank you everyone again!
8月, 新しいドラマにあいさつすることができるようになりました.素敵な作品になることができるように努力します. 応援してください. ありがとうございます.
Drama 'Faith / 신의, Shin-Eui' (Temporary title) News!"
(English: )

Note shared by Lee Min Ho (English): 
"Min-Ho Lee's next SBS soap opera called 'Faith(신의 Shin-Eui)' is coming in August."

The actor, Min-Ho Lee said that he will appear in a new SBS TV drama series, 'Shin-Eui'will be out this August, which is scheduled to be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
It is known as a fusion-historical drama that has already received a lot of attention because of its unique genre and a well-contructed plot line.
The story is about a warrior in Koryo Dynasty, 'Choi-Young' and Eun-Su who is a modern day woman doctor. They are trying to make a prosperous country where a true king governs people well.

People are now wondering how his unique and blunt personality goes along with Eun-Su's cheerful character. Also, Choi-Young's brilliant martial arts skills are anticipated a lot. This is expected to be the most promising new SBS drama later this year and will be televised in August with a total of 24 episodes.

2. Second Update: "5,000,000 Facebook friends! Congratulations!!" Have a Nice day! * English Subtitled"

Video Shared:
English Subtitled

"Hello! This is Min Ho-Lee. I've got over 5,000,000 friends on Facebook! I saw there were around 4,000,000 people a few months ago, but in the meantime, a lot more people visited the Facebook Page and sent friend request, which i am so glad and happy! Thank You so much! However, don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean that i obsess over the numbers ^^ because i am already pleased to meet you and share my stories! I just hope it will be a place where we can make memories together! With all good wishes, Thank You everyone again! "

Japanese Subtitle

Chinese Subtitle

Korean - No Subtitle

On Weibo:

"안녕 하세요 ^ ^ 8 월, 새로운 드라마 로 다시 인사 드릴수 있게 되었습니다 of 지켜봐주 세요 좋은 작품 이 되도록 열심히 할테니 ^ ^ I will be in August this year, through a TV series to meet with the I will certainly do its utmost! I hope you will support me!Encouraged me! Thank you very much!"

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