Monday, November 14, 2016

Lee Min Ho talks about choosing 'The Legend of the Blue Sea,' Jun Ji Hyun, and viewer ratings

Lee Min Ho promoted his upcoming drama, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea,' through 'V' live on November 14!

Regarding why he decided to come back to the Korean small screen after a long time away with this drama, the actor simply said, "ParkJinJun." He meant the trifecta: writer Park Ji Eun, director Jin Hyuk, and actress Jun Ji Hyun.
He said about his co-star, Jun Ji Hyun, "I like her a lot. But we didn't get close right away . . . At first, I was uncomfortable, but, fortunately, while we were going abroad and back to shoot overseas, we got really close. We've become friends to the point we'd laugh just by looking at each other."

Lastly, he said about viewer ratings, "I wish that we would get over 30% in viewer ratings. It'd be nice if we got about 12 to 13% for our first broadcast."

The drama starts on November 16!

source: allkpop

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