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Lee Min Ho “Legend of the Blue Sea” Acting until his pupil, Action Romantic – 23.11.2016

[OSEN =Reporter Pyo Jae Min ] "The Legend of the Blue Sea"

The currently airing SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” release their latest still cut with their male lead Lee Min Ho turning to action-oriented, yet romantic figure. The romanticist Lee Min Ho is now fully transformed, embodied into the image of Joseon era with a 100% density yet loving smokey eyes, soaked with emotion. The latest still cuts showing Lee Min Ho who is handsome, with his watery eyes, which make viewers couldn’t help it but to feel overwhelmed by his presence and the atmosphere, giving love to the actor.

The Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) is a fantasy romance filled with laughter and fun. The drama also have unpredictable events as the very last mermaid on the planet will meet the con-artist and will have trouble adapting to the human life, There will be a connection tying their past that will cross over to the future as the story unfold. The story line was promised to give the audience a brand new experience.
The latest still cuts from SBS is showing the male lead Kim Dam Ryeong (Lee Min Ho) that was expected coming from the 3rd episode that will be broadcasted tonight, 23rd of November 2016 10 PM KST. With the two-tone robe, we can see Lee Min Ho who played double role with his attire coming from the Joseon, showing the romantic and yet prominent side of him, noticing the danger came around to the mermaid (Jeon Ji Hyun). Meanwhile, in the modern era, Lee Min Ho also portrayed Heo Jun Jae who is a genius con artist who feels sorry to the mermaid, cold at first but was actually warm at heart, caring about the mermaid and ‘gives his hand first’ to the mermaid.

In the meantime, the published still cuts were enough for the viewers to feel excited yet can’t wait on the broadcast day. Lee Min Ho was already known for his extraordinary visuals, and his character as Kim Dam Ryeong in the published cuts was looking gorgeous. Viewers was made overwhelmed by his image/appearance as Kim Dam Ryeong the “Joseon Romanticist” who struggles to fight his enemies to protect anything that is previous to him, manage to not lose his composure even when in the moment a knife was so close to his neck.

We can also see Lee Min Ho as Kim Dam Ryeong’s extraordinary charisma even on the sight of his opponent, attracting attention with his appearance of a “Joseon Romanticist”, yet looking like a man with honor. The scene seems to be taken from the episode of this week’s broadcast, and raising viewer expectation because now we can see Lee Min Ho’s new charm as “Action Romanticist”. According to the production crew, Kim Dam Ryeong was the kind of character that both lovable and romantic yet charismatic, but viewers can’t help but to think that it was lovable, romantic and charismatic because it was portrayed by Lee Min Ho. With the overall ambience he made, Lee Min Ho can be a 100% eye candy drenched in emotion. With his expected metabolism, we can also see him deliver and leading his line smoothly.

Viewers melt into the situation with his eyes, even when his pupils able to act and shows his ability through his appearance, gaining reputation of “Scene Stealer”, amplifying the expectation. Viewers are expecting what kind of situation might happen to Dam Ryeong. Meanwhile, the 3rd episode of SBS “Legend of the Blue Sea” is expected to be broadcasted today 23rd of November at 10 pm KST. /

[Photo] Culture Depot of South Korea, Studio Dragon, SBS Content Hub

source: Naver / OSEN

Korean - English Translation: Monika

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