Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lee Min Ho - Jeon Ji Hyun "Legend of the Blue Sea" Unchangeable Past in 3 Era/Stages Revealed - 03.11.2016

[OSEN= Reporter Park Jin Young] The awaited SBS Wednesday - Thursday drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" revealed the 3 stages of the unchanging past and love between the main leads Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun. The 'teenager' stage that was revealed was portrayed by GOT7's Park Jin Young and Shin Eun Soo. Meanwhile, their past can be traced back to their childhood, portrayed by Jeon Jin Seo and Kal So Won. The latest still cuts showing the relationship that surprisingly has started between Kim Dam Ryeong that was still a mere child and a mermaid that continues and proceed to the future, until it reach the stage of Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun.

The Wednesday-Thursday SBS Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun / Directed by Jin Hyuk / Culture Depot of South Korea / Production House Studio Dragon) will start their broadcast on November 16th.
Drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” would be a fantasy romance filled with laughter and fun. The drama will also have unpredictable events as the very last mermaid on the planet will meet the con-artist and will have trouble adapting to the human life, There will be a connection tying their past that will cross over to the future as the story unfold. The story line was promised to give the audience a brand new experience.

The relationship between Kim Dam Ryeong the magistrate/reservoir and the mermaid that traced back to the past, especially teenager stage until the present is a proof of a deep bond between them that can not be separated. In the meantime, their relationship that started from their childhood will be focusing on the history on how their bond started and the history began between them. The latest still has gained public's interest.

From the latest still cuts, we can see how the actresses playing the mermaids are filled with memories, looking fresh and pure especially on their teenage and childhood, gaining attention. We can see the pure appearance of the mermaids starting from the childhood stage mermaid (portrayed by Kal So Won) in which started her bond with the child Kim Dam Ryeong (portrayed by Jeon Jin Seo), and then proceed to their teenage year of the mermaid (portrayed by Shin Eun Soo) looking embarrassed holding a bouquet of flower and the teenage boy Kim Dam Ryeon (GOT7's Park Jin Young), leaves audience with curiosity.

Meanwhile, when it reached adult stage Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun, both of them seems to be looking forward to meet each other again, we can feel that the memories as still deep in their eyes, filled with nostalgia but yet, nervousness were seen in the eyes of each other.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" Representative stated "The relationship between Kim Dam Ryeong and the mermaid has begin from their very young age" and "How we all hope that their relationship that started by change can proceed and strive forward to the present" /

(PHOTO: Culture Depot of South Korea / Studio Dragon)

source: Naver/OSEN

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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