Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lee Min Ho - "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Official 3rd Teaser - 02.11.2016

Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "What is a 'Wife'"?

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "AIISSHH!!"

TEXT: "A Magistrate man from Joseon become a genius-con-artist!"

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "I am a prosecutor..don't you know the word 'Please..'? 'Please..'!! "

Unknown Guy: "Hi Mr. Prosecutor!! You are, in this world of the con-artists, is the Harry Potter~"

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "You will put that gun down~"

Unknown Guy: "Do you want to die?"

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "Yess!! Master/Teacher..i am really must have shocked and have a hard time..Aaahhh aigoo aigoo..let's go~"

TEXT: SBS Drama Special "The Legend of the Blue Sea", 1st Broadcast: 16 November 2016 10 PM KST.

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "Wait for a minute..that's right, that's the way you do it~"

TEXT: "When a thief genius con-artist met a mermaid!"

Korean-English Translation: Monika Setiono

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