Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lee Min Ho - "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Official 4th Teaser - 09.11.2016


TEXT: And Magistrate/Governor Kim Dam Ryeong took the mermaid from the fisherman and he return the mermaid back to the ocean, and they swim through the ocean like it was natural for them~ Eou Yadam - Joseon Era Year 1621, 13th year of the rule of King Gwang Hae Gun.
NARRATOR: "Have you ever heard the story about a magical mermaid?"
Unknown Man: "Even when you say that you've ever saw a mermaid, no one has actually ever saw one~"

TEXT: Now you'll be able to see a mermaid!

Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "Which direction is to Seoul? Where is Seoul?"
Fisherman: "Are you sure you're going to swim over there? But here is in Jeju Island, though?"
Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "It's okay~"

TEXT: A mermaid showing up once again, just to eat!

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "Where are you..are you coming from the jungle? are you a wolf girl?"
Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "This crazy girl..did she think that she was actually wearing a flower crown on her head?"
Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "What is actually going on in your head, and what are you thinking? you keep making other people confused~"
Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "Fine..let's just go together..let's go together~"

TEXT: SBS Drama Special "The Legend of the Blue Sea", 1st Broadcast: 16 November 2016 10 PM KST.

Korean - English  Translation: Monika Setiono

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