Friday, December 12, 2014

Press Release for Film ‘Gangnam 1970, Lee Min Ho “I Tried to Show Authentic Acting even I Got Injured.”

Lee Min-ho showed his mettle for his film.

Press release for film <Gangnam 1970> was held at CGV Theater in Apgujeongdong, Gangnam District, Seoul on December 12. Lee Min-ho, Kim Rae-won, Jung Jin-young and director Yu Ha participated.

Film <Gangnam 1970>, directed by Yu Ha, is a story of desire, loyalty, and betrayal unfold in the background of Gangnam in early 70s. It also portrays friendship of Lee Min-ho(Kim Jong-dae) and Kim Rae-won(Lee Yong-gi).

Lee Min-ho had to bring a person from action school with him every day because of his busy schedule. He said, “I wanted to go to action school but, I couldn’t because of my schedule. So, I always brought a man from action school with me. Director also always checked if I was with him.”

Lee Min-ho’s irresistible smile that captures women’s heart

Lee Min-ho had his toenail off during filming. He said, “I always get injured during shooting. My toenail fell off while I was doing backward roll. So, I had to stop to be under anesthesia. I t took me 3 days to come back to work.” Then, Kim Rae-won said, “He showed good acting even after he was injected with an anodyne.”

Director Yu Ha said, “His toenail fell off on his way for dinner. It was not because of his action scene,” causing a round of laughter.

Regarding harmony with his partner AOA Seolhyun, he said,”Her eyes really look said. So, I asked her if she had something wrong in her family. But, actually, she was from very cozy family.”

Lastly, he said, “I tried hard to show authentic acting in this film.”

Film <Gangnam 1970> opens on January 21 next year.

source: GetItK

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