Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won talk about their hot bathhouse scene, Goo Jun Pyo's curly hairstyle, and more on 'Entertainment Relay'

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won greeted viewers of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' for their upcoming movie 'Gangnam 1970'!

It's been 3 years for Lee Min Ho and 8 years for Kim Rae Won since their last time on 'Entertainment Relay'. Both Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won showed their witty charm on the program. The reporter shared, "Because we heard that two handsome men were coming on [the show], we had discussions on bringing a female reporter...," to which Kim Rae Won strongly agreed and Lee Min Ho also jokingly expressed his disappointment, adding, "There were mostly men on set as well, and [now] even the interview."

When asked about a 'bathhouse action scene' in the movie, Lee Min Ho hinted, "We were all wet... Our bodies are shown," not clarifying on if it will be a total or slight exposure which you will have to confirm by watching the movie. When asked for what measures or how far they went to gain success, Lee Min Ho jokingly replied, "I even went as far as trying the curly hairstyle (Goo Jun Pyo)."

During their 'manly man' test, when asked if they take photos before eating delicious food, Lee Min Ho chose that he does half the time while Kim Rae Wo revealed he doesn't at all. When asked if they don't wear long johns when filming in cold weather, they both revealed that they do wear long johns underneath. When asked if they're more embarrassed than hurt when they fall, Lee Min Ho recalled his unforgettable fall on the red carpet. When asked to come on guerilla date, Lee Min Ho also promised that he would.

'Gangnam 1970' will premiere on January 21!

source: Allkpop

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