Friday, December 12, 2014

Lee Min Ho says he has Gangnam style

Actor Lee Min-ho said he thinks he is one of the Koreans with Gangnam style.

“I think I’m one of the actors who have Gangnam vibe, probably because I frequently played roles of rich men in several work projects,” he said during a news conference for his upcoming film “Gangnam 1970.”

Gangnam style refers a rich and luxurious vibe that the rich mostly exude. It originated from the rich living in Gangnam district in Seoul.
Lee added that that was why he chose the new film “Gangnam 1970.”

“Because of that, I have thought that it could be interesting to depict the character who lived in Gangnam in the 1970s.”

The new film tells a story of a conflict between young men over their power in Gangnam area when the real estate development started to boom in Korea.

In the news conference, the actor wore a Korean retro style suit to match with the film’s background.

The striped suit highlighted the retro look while giving off a stylish vibe.

The film will hit theaters on Jan. 21.


source: KPopHerald

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