Friday, December 12, 2014

‘Gangnam 1970′ Lee Min Ho “My Toenail Fell Off but Had to Continue Filming”

Actor Lee Min-ho shared his concerns about action scenes.

On December 12, the press release for movie <Gangnam 1970> was held at Apgujung CGV. Director Yoo Ha, main actors like Lee Min-ho, Kim Rae-won and Jung Jin-young participated in the event.

At the press release, Lee Min-ho said, “I practiced action scenes even in foreign countries.” He explained that he needed to practice hard as the movie requires him to show realistic action skills to express the desire of survival.

Lee Min-ho said, “Practicing in action class everyday would not have been enough. Moreover, I did not have much time to practice due to schedules in countries outside Korea. I had to take my action coach wherever I go to practice during short breaks.”
Director Yoo Ha said, “I was not quite satisfied with his action scenes. He would have done better if he had practiced more. When Lee Min-ho was shooting <The Heirs>, I told Lee Min-ho that he would have to join the Marine Cops for three months. But he went to China after the drama. He would have been so good if he had joined the Marine Corps.”

About getting a painkilling injection and continuing filming even after his toenail fell off, Lee Min-ho said “I was on my way to get something to eat when my toenail fell off, I wasn’t shooting,” making people laugh.

Lee Min-ho said, “I had minor injuries like getting hurt while rolling backwards several times when I was shooting movies. I could not film the movie on the day my toenail fell off. But from the next day I had to get a painkilling injection for three days to shoot.”

<Gangnam 1970> is a movie about the desire and loyalty of two men surrounding property in Gangnam when the region started to be developed in the 1970s in Seoul. Lee Min-ho plays orphan Jong-dae who joins the fight over land in Gangnam after going to Seoul after joining a gang while living as a junkman with his brother Yong-gi(Kim Rae-won).

<Gangnam 1970> will be released on January 21st next year.

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