Friday, December 12, 2014

Lee Min Ho states that Kim Rae Won is sexy and beastly + hints at a bed scene in his upcoming movie, 'Gangnam 1970'

During the December 12 press conference for the movie, 'Gangnam 1970,' actor Lee Min Ho revealed that the bed scene that Kim Rae Won had done for the movie was very risque, and even hinted at his very own bed scene in the movie.

When asked about his thoughts on taking a lead role in a movie, Lee Min Ho stated, "When I entered my mid-20s and a time when I could take responsibility for a movie came, I wanted to be in a movie... I was 28 years old, well over my mid-20s. Because I was always getting emotionally ready [all these years], I was able to focus on the role."

Then, when he was asked about filming a movie having a teenager restriction rating (only 18+ allowed), Lee Min Ho said, "Honestly, the bed scene with Yonggi hyung (played by Kim Rae Won) is [rated 18+]. Even though I watched it as a guy, he was sexy and had beastly charms."
The actor also hinted, "I, too, have a bed scene, but it's not as risque. It's PG-13," exciting the fans for his upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, the movie 'Gangnam 1970,' featuring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, will be released in theaters on January 21, 2015.

source: AllKpop

P.S -> Allow me to make thing clear before all of you misunderstands the article. Lee Min Ho ssi is saying that he and Kim Rae Won ssi has a bed scene, but of course it's a separate bed scene, not a bed scene between two of them. Kim Rae Won ssi will have a bed scene of PG-18 and on a separate scene, Lee Min Ho ssi will have his own bed scene of PG-13. 

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