Monday, October 24, 2016

"Legend of the Blue Sea" Introducing the Genius, Attractive and Sexy Genius Con Artist, Lee Min Ho - 24.10.2016

[Herald Pop: Reporter Im Ji Yeon] "Legend of the Blue Sea" Drama finally introduces its male lead actor Lee Min Ho who transformed into a con-artist and member of MENSA (Organization for Geniuses) through it's fake monthly magazine cover "TRICKSTER', where Lee Min Ho was put as the cover model. This Lee Min Ho's side and character for his latest drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" was introduced while trying to trick the public into thinking that the actor was covering a real monthly magazine that was meant for con-artists, and has attract attention and become a big topic.

The upcoming drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (Written by Park Ji Eun, Directed by Jin Hyuk, Production House: Studio Dragon) is set to air it's first episode by the 16th of November, and on the 24th of October, the drama has finally reveal the actor's character as Heo Jun Jae, a genius con-artist which also a member of MENSA.
As perhaps have been released before, "Legend of the Blue Sea" will be a fantasy comedy romance that will be focusing on a story of a mermaid who was the very last living mermaid on earth, struggling to adapt to human world in the big city. The drama will also have a connection through the past which connect also to the future as the story unfolds, and promising to give a wonderful new experience for the audience.

Lee Min Ho is transforming himself to put out a character named Heo Jun Jae with his exceptional visual that makes everyone falling in love with him without any doubt. It was rumored that his character Heo Jun Jae is a genius con-artist who has dropped out of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), as a member of MENSA who uses his ability to trick people.

With the publicity of Heo Jun Jae as the cover for the fake monthly magazine, his character has already gained public attention. Wearing a dapper white suit, his character has attract everyone with his hot gaze and intelligent look reflected from his eyes. 

The Hashtag written on the fake magazine was such as, “No one can fool me. Bad guy, strange guy, even more bad guy.” and "Without money, people can't eat right". The words next to Lee Min Ho’s was, “Welcome, it’s your first time meeting a con artist with a MENSA membership, right?”. The Magazine also had the header "A Magazine for those who wanted to be a con-artist, with a high manner and etiquette." Then it was later explained and realized how creative the teaser of the drama was brought out, not to mention that actor's professionalism in bringing out the character through his gaze.

It was later written how we can found out that it was a fake magazine, the price was free, on how the BarCode was written using Lee Min Ho's Birthday and the 1st airing date of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" that was too much of a coincidence to be real.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" representatives stated "Please wait for Lee Min Ho bringing out and transformed into the character of Heo Jun Jae, the genius con-artist" and "There are actually several hidden clues that we will release using the same method, there are actually some hidden clues too in the fake monthly magazine cover for con-artists that we release, please give a lot of support especially for the 1st episode, and expect many great things from the drama." 

Korean-English Translation: Monika Setiono

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