Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lee Min Ho - "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Official 1st Teaser - 19.10.2016


Text: 'Only happening once in a life time'

Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "However, i will still going to keep my promise..i will come back.."

Text: 'Love from the very last mermaid existing on earth'

Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "Even when there's no one here..even when there’s a storm, even when i feel lonely, or even feeling afraid since it's a path that i've never walk on..i will still going to leave all of this behind, i'm going to give up on everything.."

Text: 'As beautiful as dream'

Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "For sure, i will come towards you~"

Text: SBS Drama Special "The Legend of the Blue Sea", 1st Broadcast: 16 November 2016 10 PM KST.

Korean-English Translation: Monika Setiono

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