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Jeon Ji Hyun's Peeking Headshot vs Lee Min Ho's Sad Eyes - "Legend of the Blue Sea" Release Teaser Poster - 28.10.2016

[NEWSEN: Reporter Yoon Ga Yi] The 'Full of Atmosphere' King and Queen has fInally met for the awaited drama "Legend of the Blue Sea". The teaser poster for "Legend of the Blue Sea" has been released to the public. The teaser poster reveal Jeon Ji Hyun as the last mermaid existing on earth with her curiosity towards the human life, with the other reveal Lee Min Ho standing majestically, making the expectations for the drama raised.

The awaited drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" (written by Park Ji Eun, Directed by Jin Hyuk, Production House: Studio Dragon, Culture Depot of South Korea) that will start broadcast on 16th of November is releasing a teaser for their poster on 28th of October.
Drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” would be a fantasy romance filled with laughter and fun. The drama will also have unpredictable events as the very last mermaid on the planet will meet the con-artist and will have trouble adapting to the human life, There will be a connection tying their past that will cross over to the future as the story unfold. The story line was promised to give the audience a brand new experience.

The drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” finally release the teaser of their official poster to the public, revealing the main leads Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun who's like copying each other but yet, also seems like they're having a conversation. The teaser for the poster has raised public's curiosity and attention.

The 1st poster teaser revealing Jeon Ji Hyun with a deep blue sea as a background, attracting attention and she was seen to be coming from the the ocean, peeking in the middle. It's noticeable that it seems she was looking for something or someone. Jeon Ji Hyun has a fixed gazed, but yet her gestures are showing her obvious curiosity yet fear of the new unfamiliar human world. The word "Are you curious?" written there, short yet clear. Jeon Ji Hyun's expectation and curiosity of the human world that she has never been into, has stimulate audience's imagination and left the audience curious.

Meanwhile, the genius con-artist Lee Min Ho was seen to stand majestically in the revealed teaser poster. He look emotional, yet natural. With his relaxed yet disheveled messy hair blown by the wind, and informal/relaxed clothes, Lee Min Ho was also put outside and looking towards a distance from the terrace. The text "I'm curious" was written in his part of the teaser poster, copying the text from Jeon Ji Hyun's teaser poster but yet, between his eyes was seen a vague atmosphere. Audience are curious on where his gaze are directed to.

With the same atmosphere for both teaser poster, same words but yet Jeon Ji Hyun's question "Are you curious?" and Lee Min Ho's answer "I am curious" lead audience to wonder what kind of situation are they in. Audience's expectations towards the drama has raised and they can't wait for Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun's fantastic chemistry in the future.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" Representatives stated "We would like to disclose that the teaser poster was about Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun's first meeting in Spain" and "Please look forward to their amazing 1st encounter in the beautiful and spectacular Spain. Please look forward for the drama that will air soon".

Meanwhile, the drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” is scheduled to broadcast its 1st episode on 16th of November 10 PM KST, continuing and taking the time slot as the follow-up of “Incarnation of Jealousy” with Wednesday-Thursday airing schedule.

(PHOTO: Culture Depot of South Korea / Studio Dragon)

source: Naver/Newsen

Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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