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Lee Min Ho for U WeeklyMagazine No. 554 July 2016 Issue Interview – Cover Story

U Weekly – Issue 554 – dated 16 July 2016 – Cover Story

Interview with Lee Min Ho

Bounty Hunter is Lee Min Ho first Mandarin movie. He had always insisted on doing at least one Chinese movie for the sake of his fans and also his admiration for the Chinese actors.

At the time of the magazine publication, Lee Min Ho is actually in the midst of road show promoting his movie. He mentioned he had always liked Chinese movies and his idol is Jackie Chan. Hence when he received the script for this movie, he actually like it very much as his character is someone that’s bright and cheerful.

Though his character “Lee San” is supposedly cheerful but is not easy at all during the filming as he needs to be “highly skilled” involving a lot of actions. Lee Min Ho had undergone 2 months of martial arts training just in preparation for this movie.

“Actually as compared to the actions scenes, I think acting against Wallace Chung in all the funny scenes are even more difficult. Previously all my past characters are either very serious or romance. In playing Lee San, I need to be funny and aloof at the same time, totally different from what I used to play, its more challenging than the dangerous actions scenes.” He said.


Lee Min Ho became good friends with Wallace Chung during the course of the filming. Overcoming language barriers with a lot of interaction and professionalism, they became close friends. “ I am even hoping that we can get bromance couple award out of this movie” He laughed.

There were countless of NG moments when filming with Wallace. It’s very difficult to hold the laughter as it was so hilarious. However the only difference between them Lee Min Ho mentioned was their diet. “ Wallace is more towards vegetarian but I am a meat lover and super spicy food. It’s a bit difficult for us to actually sit down and have a meal together.”

From this experience of the movie Bounty Hunter, Lee Min Ho says he will definitely be ready to accept another Chinese movie offer should the script and character fits and hope everyone will look forward to it as well.

Lee Min Ho will be heading to Australia in September for the production of his new TV series <The Legend of The Blue Sea>. This time his female lead will be Jeon Ji Hyeon.

To him, there are some advantages and disadvantages between the production of a movie and TV series.

“For TV series, you can film concurrently whilst it’s on air. The pace will usually be more tiring as you need to keep up with the pace. Whereas for a movie, we will have more time and able to pay more attention to certain important scenes. Getting immediate viewers’ feedback when we are in the midst of production, indirectly it given us some motivation to spire us to perform even better. <Descendants of The Sun> finished its production before going on air unlike the usual TV series productions. The whole production team, writers, crew and actors all need to work very hard together to achieve that result. As compared I felt we can redo over and over again for heavy impact scenes within a movie and this definitely can’t be achieve for a TV series.
In this article, Lee Min Ho was questioned on some changes on his face. Not suspecting that he underwent plastic surgery but he was actually asked “Why it seems your face seems bloated?”

His reply : “My face bloats easily even if I don’t eat anything. And I haven’t been exactly in the best of my health recently. Hence I need to watch over my diet. If possible will try to eat lesser at night before I goes to bed. Rest is also another key factor. If possible will want to rest as much possible so that I am well to accomplish more and do a better job.”
Lee Min Ho just celebrated his 29th birthday on 22 Jun 2016. Though he and Suzy has been dating more than 1 year but they hardly talked about each other publicly.

Suzy previously mentioned that both of them were worried about the consequences once they announced their relationship. But as she treasures him hence she hope they will be able to receive the blessings and understandings from everyone.

In June this year, there had been rumors about their breakup but both of their agencies had cleared the air and saying that both of them are still going on strong together.

Lee Min Ho admits that he is not a “good lover”. He is not those romantic and whispers sweet nothings sort. But instead a straight forward and even too blunt at times. He doesn’t even anything about his girlfriend, not even her name.

At the moment, he is not concerned about his marriage especially right before his enlistment. “Though not intentionally seeking for marriage, but having someone to take care of me and for me vice versa, it’s a nice and warm feeling.”
What the other Bounty Hunter co-actors think of Lee Min Ho ( Found in the small column )

Tiffany Tang Yan – We worked very happily together. I even managed to learn a few Korean words from Lee Min Ho. Eg “Are you hungry?”

Karena Ng – Lee Min Ho likes to call everyone “silly” in mandarin, not sure of who taught him that. He is very professional, attempt to speak in mandarin at the initial stage of filming but it gets too tough for him. In the end, he still completes the rest of the film in Korean.

Wallace Chung – “I am only in charge of strategize, earn money and eat in our group. Anything else that requires physical movements will be taken care by Lee Min Ho.”

credits: Patricia Koh (Minoz Singapore - Coverage and Translation)

P.S -> Thank You very much  Patricia sis for the special coverage and translation

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