Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lee Min Ho - "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Official 2nd Teaser - 25.10.2016


Jeon Ji Hyun (Sim Chung): "I bet you won't even remember me..but it's pretty..shining..your eyes.."

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "Oohh!! Who's there?? why is it so messy..a thief?"

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "It can't be..right now, are you purposefully acting like you're shy?"

Lee Min Ho (Heo Jun Jae): "Ooohhh..so is that it, when you don't want to see a person, you just attack and kick them away? What are you doing, how could you look at me with that big round eyes of yours? Just for your information, i'm not the kind of person who will go easy on you just because you are a girl!"

Text: SBS Drama Special "The Legend of the Blue Sea", 1st Broadcast: 16 November 2016 10 PM KST.

Korean-English Translation: Monika Setiono

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