Monday, June 8, 2015

The Korean and Chinese top stars Lee Min Ho and Angela Baby, will soon shooting for the movie ‘Bounty hunters’

[OSEN=Choi Na Young] an actor Lee Min Ho is going to perform with Chinese popular star Angelababy for the global Asia blockbuster movie ‘Bounty Hunters’ (Director: Terra Shin, Production: Starhaus Entertainment, Pegasus motion Pictures, Harmonious Entertainment Shanghai, produced by Union investment partners).

The movie ‘Bounty Hunters’ is an action comedy blockbuster genre where its scale is as big as 35 billion won that consists a story of a reward hunter (Bounty hunters) having many Asia cities as its background scenes including Korea, China, HongKong, and Taiwan.

Lee Min Ho is playing a movie character who is intelligent and an excellent martial arts skill. The character also has a cute and whimsical personality, thus it seems like he is going to blow Asian Women’s mind again once it gets released.
According to the people working in the movie scene, the popular Chinese beauty star Angelababy is a strong candidate for Lee Min Ho’s partner character for the movie. Angelababy have many fans in Korea and have appeared in the movie ‘Rise of the Legend’, ‘Temporary Family’, ‘Yong Geol Shim’, and ‘Bride Wars’, and she is currently appearing in China version of Running Man. She also recently became an issue by registering marriage with an actor Huang Xiaoming, her love. The two love birds have appeared in ‘Season’s greetings’ which is a special New Year program of Dragon TV.

‘Bounty Hunters’ is not just a simple composite production but a filmography invested by both capital of Korea and China. It means, it is a global project which aims for ‘Hollywood in Asia’. The most part of the film runs in a Korea and also many Korean staffs are involved in it. The movie director Terra Shin got the mega phone for this movie who also was in charge of directing the movie ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is also actively considering about making his appearance in a Korean drama after ‘Bounty Hunters’.

<Picture> Starhaus (The left one)

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