Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lee Min Ho ranked top for acting performances followed by Ji Chang Wook

Who is the winner in the acting performances survey competition by TopStarNews? The winner of the top 8 tournament has been decided. The final winner is Lee Min-ho with Ji Chang-wook as the runner-up. Lee Min-ho won 54900 votes and Ji Chang-wook won 44303. As the total number of votes suggest, it was a big match. This voting competition for actors was as competitive as the previous competition for idol stars.
As the hot June weather is going on, some of the selected cheering messages for their stars are as below. # 0626 participant "Bounty Hunters", daebak! Whichever character he would take on, Lee Min-ho is not visible. He is a genius actor who makes Goo Joon-pyo, Jeon Jin-ho, Lee Yoon-seong, Choi Young, Kim Tan, Kim Jong-dae visible as they are. I have much anticipation on your new character and your acting performances in "Bounty Hunters".

 # 0957 Participant I was shocked when I saw Lee Min-ho acting for the first time. It wasn't acting. He was the character himself. I couldn't believe there was an actor like him existed. It's only been five years. I want to see you for 50 for years. Congratulations on your 29th birthday. Thank you for being born and becoming an actor. Thank you for living in the same era. Be always happy.

 # 1297 Participant Min-ho oppa!! Monday was your birthday. Congratulations again. MERS is going on. Take care of yourself to not catch it. Stay safe filming "Bounty Hunters". I love you, Min-ho oppa 

# 3883 Participant New character each time and everlasting good personality. Actor Lee Min-ho, who loves his fans with his warm heart. I'm happy and proud I'm one of your fans. I'm always rooting for you!!! Congrats on your birthday in advance. I'm so proud of you. Thank you so much for your song as a gift. I root for you. 

# 4037 Participant Gangnam Blues, what surprised me is Lee Min-ho's transformation. Lee Min-ho was not an actor at the level of idol. He proved he's qualified as an grown-up actor. Perfect appearance and sexy voice. A natural born actor across the wide spectrum from rom-com, and mel-drama, to action noir. Lee Min-ho, let's conquer forever. 

source: Hancinema

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