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'Girls’ minds hunter' Lee Min Ho, special business trip to Shanghai

The night at Shanghai where the stars are brightly shining, The world celebrities’ party! Shanghai! Where the International Film Festival is taking place at! The star of star visited here to hold a media announcement of his next movie ‘Bounty Hunters’. ‘Let’s end everything here tonight~’

It is Lee Min Ho who is going to take a full control of ‘The night of Bounty Hunters’.

Bounty Hunters (A reward hunter)!
This film which shook the whole continent of Asia is a global Asia project of 35billon scale and Lee Min Ho’s next movie is going to be released next year and will start the shooting from coming August having many Asia cities as its background including Korea, China, Malaysia and Taiwan.
‘Bounty Hunters’ is one of Terra Shin director’s filmographies which exquisitely joined the action and Comedy genre together!

Shall we then now head to meet the main actor Lee Min Ho?
The tassel loafer maximizes Lee Min Ho’s sexiness of his long straight legs.

The two shy hands folded together on soft silk white pants.
The black shirts made of silk cotton material which he undid a little.

It is the standard of sexy man!
Who is the leading guy of semi suit look?

‘That’s right’

‘Bang Bang Bang’
It is Lee Min Ho, the sniper of girls’ mind.
He made many people’s eyes to get reddened with his movie ‘Gangnam 1970’ (2015)! Lee Min Ho showed the end of desperate youth as playing the character name Kim Jong-dae who put everything down for a better life. The actor is trying playing a body guard who is smart, excellent at martial arts and whimsical in the movie ‘Bounty Hunter’!

He is appearing as a bodyguard.

What a sexy bodyguard.
Who is beside a bodyguard who is whimsical and even has a genius brain?
We are moving on right now to find out.
The two men of Korean and China’s hotties who are making our heart flutter by just standing beside each other in a strange way have met.

The leading guys of China and Korea’s mutual understanding
Wallace Chung (left) - Lee Min Ho (right)
How did the first meeting of the two actors go?


My name is Min Ho Lee~
Lee Min Ho: “I am Lee Min Ho”
Wallace Chung: “I am Wallace Chung”~
(Wallace Chung: he called as a male god of the continent of Great China after making his debut in 1993. He is a leading actor who does various acting performances from historical drama to a modern play in popular TV dramas and films)

Lee Min Ho: “what should I call you as?”

Lee Min Ho: “Gu Gu (Chinese pronunciation, it means older brother)”
How about I call you Gu Gu?
Wallace Chung: “Dong Saeng” (Korean pronunciation, it means younger brother)
Wallace answered in Korean.

The two actors united like this. The unbeatable. Male. Gods.

They strangely blow our mind.

Wallace: “Hey, repeat after me”

They get along very well

The movie ‘Bounty Hunters’ which will completed by actors with a great team work
We asked Lee Min Ho about the movie release. ‘One who wants to wear the crown, bear the crown.’
What did the leading actor who is under limelight of whole Asia said about the movie?

Lee Min Ho: “I’m trying a new genre. I personally wanted to do a pleasing, refreshing, and thrilling comedy movie , yet it is great to come back to the scene with my upcoming movie, I like to make a great film with this guy ‘Gu Gu (my older brother)’ who is standing right next to me.
The definite answer from the real-man. It seems like the movie he is going to be in is going to be a new trial and refresher for him, who is a Korea’s representative actor.
This is a movie preview venue which reminded us of the fan meeting venue.
Is a cute display of affection a trend of today? After he get a request to make a cute facial expression.

(I had a nightmare (said this cutely after shortening his tongue))
He is ‘a reward hunter‘ (1)
We started to get curious about his relationship with Wallace Chung. What are they?
“we appear as a full brother in the movie. Since we have very close relationship in the movie, we also are very excited for how our synergy effect would turn out”

He is ‘a reward hunter’ (2)
A cake appeared.

They are making a wish.

What is it that an actor Lee Min Ho likes to achieve via this movie? Can’t wait till hear his wish.
Lee Min Ho: “We haven’t start shooting yet, but I prayed that the shooting will end with no accident and I heard about a sad news that happened in China, I hope that everyone recovers from it as soon as possible”
The great answer that touched our mind came out from his mouth. ‘He indeed is awesome’.

The movie “Bounty Hunters” heated up its movie preview venue as calling out hundreds of reporters and people who are related to it including the whole Asia regions’ paper, TV, and online media after garnering big expectation like the words from a person involved with the movie ‘Bounty Hunters’ who said “the movie is a great example of a collaboration film”. Moreover, at the event of ‘The night of Bounty Hunters’ which held as a second part, reported that it brightened up the night of Shanghai by the celebrities who made their appearance at the event including local actors, directors, and hosts along with famous business people.
The news of an actor Lee Min Ho and the movie Bounty Hunters ends here now.
We will get back to you with more exciting news. We wish your happiness. Bye everyone~!


Feat. Mike Tyson
“Congratulation Lee Min Ho”

source: naver

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