Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lee Min Ho And Wallace Chung Attended The 'Bounty Hunters' Press Conference

On June 14, Lee Min Ho attended a Shanghai press conference for his upcoming movie, "Bounty Hunters." The Hallyu star was joined by his co-star, Wallace Chung and Director Shin Terra.

Starhaus Entertainment provided live coverage of the event through messages posted on Weibo.

The press conference provided a glimpse into details surrounding the upcoming film while showcasing the appeal of its leading men. Lee Min Ho was initially reluctant to provide cute facial expressions for the cameras but warmed up after some prompting.
He addressed the challenges that he will face in the role. The outlet Korea Star Daily published excerpts from the press conference transcripts. "This is a clever and reckless martial arts character, it is a challenge because it is my first action comedy," said Lee. I am honored to work with an excellent actor and China's top star. I think I will learn a lot."
Chung also had positive words for Lee. "After watching Lee Min Ho's work, I like him," said Chung. "I'm hoping to become good friends with him through this film because many women will be jealous of me."

The mega stars began to engage in a comedic shoot-out, which was started by Lee. This provided a segue to a female silhouette, which hinted at another upcoming announcement for the movie. The supporting actress was present for the event, but the project did not publically name the female lead. Chinese media have speculated that Fan Bingbing could be cast as the leading lady of the project, but representatives from the film would not confirm her inclusion.

There was also a cake cutting ceremony, to commemorate the film project. The emcee of the event asked Lee if he had any wishes, other than success for the film. "In the past year, South Korea experienced pain," Lee said, referring to a passenger ship which sank in China. "I hope the inner pain of the families of victims in China, can be cured."

Lee also expressed his admiration for Jackie Chan. "I like Jackie Chan," Lee said, when asked to name his favorite action star. "I grew up watching him."

"Bounty Hunters" could be one of the most expensive Korean-Chinese movies, to date. According toVariety, the movie was pitched during the Cannes Film Festival at the estimated amount of $16 million USD. The publication also noted that the costs for the project may have risen to $31 million USD.

The film will benefit from the work of Director Shina Terra, whose previous projects include the action K-Drama, "7th Level Civil Servant." The script will be written by Edmond Wong, a screenwriter responsible for the popular "Ip Man" series.

Pan-Asian media outlets noted that the press event was attended by former U.S. heavy weight champion, Mike Tyson. Tyson was present at the event due to his inclusion in another Pegasus Entertainment movie.

source: KDramaStars

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