Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MINOZ INDIA gifts a REAL STAR to Lee Min Ho on the occasion of New Year

LeeMinHo received a romantic gift ever. Minoz India presents LeeMinHo an out the world gift literally-- A Real Star named "LeeMinHo". On the occasion of New Year 2016, A fan club named "Lee Min Ho Lovers India" presented a real star to LeeMinHo. Minoz India bought a star in sky and named it as "Lee Min Ho" to show their love to Korean Super Star LeeMinHo.

The star named LeeMinHo was entered into the "Star Naming Registry" on 01/01/2016 by
star-registration.com. This star belongs to "Leo Constellation" and can be found in Google maps by entering the co-ordinates of the star provided in the certificate.

Here is the message from Minoz India :
"Oppa, This star is a small gift for the brightest star who always shines in our heart. This star always shines for you and our hearts always beats for you. We Love you so much and waiting to see you. Please Visit India soon. We wish you a very Happy New Year"

Aww isn't that sweet? Lets hope MinHo visits India soon.

source: Wikitree


  1. Sooo happy that there are sooo many heart dieing fans for LMH oppa im also from indiaπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. It's nice to be loved! Min ho you are lucky!.are you leaving for national call (military) this year? We need a drama from you.

  3. Please make a time from your tight schedule, visit India I believe they love you soooo much! If for a day (am an African but the way they expressed their love worth yourvisit "big boy"Monika please forward this message to Lee Minho.

  4. Me too great fan of min ho from India.i want to visit South korea just to meet him

  5. Love you minho dieing to see you plz visit india soon