Friday, January 1, 2016

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 01.01.2016

Update on Weibo: "#李敏镐的红包# Minoz新年快乐 !! Have a wonderful new year, welcome 2016! 我感谢你们!"

English Translation: "#LeeMinHo'sRedEnvelope# Minoz Happy New Year !! Have a wonderful new year, welcome 2016! I am Thankful and saying Thank You to all of you!"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account

P.S -> Red Envelope is a Chinese Tradition in special events (especially Lunar New Year). In each new year or special events, Red Envelopes are usually filled with money to be given or exchanged. Special in New Year, Red Envelopes are given from the people who were already married to single ones or kids, it's also filled with money as an expression of sharing blessings. On the case of Lee Min Ho's Tweet, he is asking Minoz to give "Red Envelope", in this case it is a donation to others. Please enter this website: O李敏镐 的红包 to give "Red Envelope" to each other, especially those in needs. 

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  1. Ler min ho,happy new year.Minho as you step into 2016 ,ONLY GOODNEWS shall be your portion.I hope you are greatful to God for ALL wonderful things he did for?am really happy for you,double portion of them you will receive this yaer.stay healthy, scandal free, work hard but no stress pls! Lovely as you remember the ones in need thankd.God will meet your needs too.How is Suzy? Any problem? Staying away from medial and co? If so it's ok.stay healty focus and korean drama this youuuu