Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lee Min Ho Fascinated Japanese Fans

[by Kim Young Shin] Lee Min Ho held his first talk concert to communicate with local fans in Japan.

On January 25, he invited 10,000 Japanese fans at Pacifico Yokohama in Japan for his talk concert ‘MINOZ WORLD – MINOZ MANSION’. The show was held two times at 2pm and 7pm. The actor with a 9-year career sincerely delivered his words and performed songs to present a special memory to his fans. The event particularly raised expectations because six months passed since his last visit to Japan for the preview of his movie ‘Gangnam 1970’ in July 2015.

Even though Lee kept in touch with his Japanese fans, he opened the talk concert so he could talk about his private life and his affection toward the fans. He devoted his time to prepare the event since the end of last year.
The concert started with a video of Lee thinking about the people he appreciate while writing his autobiography. Then he presented the keywords of the show based on the big data of Lee Min Ho’s twenties. He introduced the related search words of his name such as ‘chaebol’, ‘handsome’, ‘fool for fans’, ‘MINOZ’, ‘private life’ and ‘SNS’ and continued an intimate dialogue with the audience.

A collection of the memorable scenes from his dramas was also played to look back on the time since he played in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, the drama which made him recognized in Japan. The fans were captivated by their favorite sequences such as the sprinkler scene from ‘The Heirs’, the spoon action from ‘City Hunter’, the time he declared his love in ‘Faith’ and the back hug in ‘Personal Taste’. Moreover, he called out audiences to the stage after watching the video to recreate the scenes with him.

He paid extra attention in preparation for the show as it is his first talk concert. He participated in every process: planning the time, setting the stage, organizing the videos and choosing the music. He wanted to focus on close communication with his fans as the title of the concert includes ‘MINOZ’, which is the name of his official fan club. Both of the 150-minute performances were satisfactory with his frank stories, special events for fans and emotional live songs.

He tried intimate interactions with fans, which is rare from a Hallyu celebrity. Prior to the show, he asked the fans to take part in the organization through social network. He made a session out of the questions from his fans and gave them honest answers. Also, there was a raffle for a physical contact with the actor. The winners were offered to measure his waist and chest for his profile, hold his hands, touch his cheeks and play some games. Additionally, 1,000 fans with lucky numbers could exchange a high five with Lee.

In the following stage he expressed his love for the fans. He moved the hearts of audiences with delicate considerations. For the people who are watching his show multiple times, he prepared different settings for each of his concerts. He had different questions and answers and tried eye contacts with the crowd.

Lee presented live stages to provide relaxing moment. He sang ‘The Day’, ‘Pieces of Love’, ‘Stalker’ and ‘Thank You’ which were dedicated to his fans. He especially performed ‘My Everything’ in Japanese to please the audience. His talks and songs captured the ears of the crowd every moment of the show.

After the talk concert, Lee Min Ho commented, “I think a real communication begins from a talk. I’ll try to prepare get-togethers with the fans more often so I can continue a close interaction with them“. (photo by Euphoria Seoul)


source; BNT News

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