Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kwak Si Yang doesn't feel close to Lee Min Ho?

Actor Kwak Si Yang talked about his label mate Lee Min Ho during his 'Radio Star' appearance on January 13.

The MCs said Kwak Si Yang was the second "bomb" of the agency (in a positive way), asking who the first one would be. Kwak Si Yang aptly replied, "Lee Min Ho."

He talked more about his label mate, saying, "I'm in the same agency as Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho is humble. When I first saw him, he told me, 'We're the same age, so let's talk comfortably.' That's why I replied, 'Oh, okay,' but the second time I saw him, I felt distant. Because he's so high up... It's because he's a top star."

Hope you two get comfortable soon and become good friends!

source: allkpop

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  1. he has the fame to be humble and we can just know by the media he is gentle but you have the eyes, KSY