Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lee Min Ho renews endorsement deal with LG Electronics

It has been reported that actor Lee Min Ho has renewed his contract with LG Electronics to be their 2015 model in Mainland China, and he has also signed a deal to model for the company in Taiwan and Hong Kong in an unprecedented move at the same time.

A LG Electronics official stated, “Lee Min Ho’s popularity in the Chinese-speaking regions is beyond imagination, and his presence can’t be replaced. There’s really no one else other than him who’s more suitable to be our model. We place great importance in cultivating trust in our consumers, and also building a caring corporate image. We feel that Lee Min Ho has become a actor that you can trust in with his performance in his most recent movie ‘Gangnam 1970,’ and the immense love he shows towards his fans, and it complements our company’s image greatly.”

An industry official said, “As one of the world’s top enterprise, LG’s brand image and actor Lee Min Ho’s star power will become a partnership that will yield great results for both parties. We are looking forward to seeing the brand grow even further this year.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s followers on Weibo recently surpassed 27 million, and he has more than 50 million followers worldwide, thus his influence is definitely one to be marveled at. He recently gathered 12,000 fans for his Hong Kong concert, and among the audience members included famous local directors, actors, hosts, and many more.

By: Alvin

source: KPopFighting

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