Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lee Min Ho Re-Signs as Model for Kyochon Chicken

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Continuing to be the face of one of the most well-known fried chicken franchises in Korea, Lee Min Ho has re-signed as the model for Kyochon Chicken.

With increased sales and good results in 2014 with Lee Min Ho as the model, Kyochon F&B decided to re-sign the actor as its model as it aims to spread outside of Korea.

A Kyochon F&B rep stated, "Known to have the consumers′ trust when it comes to using good ingredients and providing good eats, Kyochon Chicken requested a contract renewel with Lee Min Ho, who is loved by the public for his sincere acting and model lifestyle." "We′re anticipating increased sales in this year′s results following last year′s with the synergy effect created by Lee Min Ho′s star power in China and Pan-Asia, as well as Kyochon Chicken, who is aiming to become a global businesses by being active in overseas market management."

"With people around the world loving K-Pop, the interest in K-Food is also rising, and we′re predicting that the ′Lee Min Ho Chicken′ fever will get stronger."

Kyochon Chicken has branches planted in China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the US in New York and Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Kyochon F&B.

source: ENewsWorld

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