Sunday, March 24, 2013

[SPECIAL] Lee Min Ho's Love Letter for Minoz on Jakarta Fan Meeting 23.03.2013

Hello Minoz, a lot of you has asked what are the contents of Lee Min Ho's Love Letter that he read for Minoz on his "First Love..with Indonesia" Fan Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia on 23rd of March 2013. The letter he read is so touching and many of you were curious, right? here's the full English Translation of the letter!!~^^

English Translation:
"Hello everyone, i'm Lee Min ho. How was the event today, all of you feel happy? In my opinion, the preparation is not enough, so i'm not quite satisfied and it's not going very well, but because all of you has support me, i felt that i got a lot of strength. 
This time, i would like to give my gratitude and Thank You, but once again it's me who receive it from all of you instead. On 2006, i debuted in Korea and time flies, it's been 8 years passed. Thank You very much for always supporting me and loving me. Because of all of you, i can stand here.
Our languages might not be the same, but Thank You very much for always watching my films and dramas which i starred in, and always remembering me. I won't be able to forget it. With all of this, me as an actor Lee Min Ho and me as man named Lee Min Ho will show all of you his mature side, therefore i want to be better in the future.
Meanwhile, i would like to give my effort as an sincere actor with a humble heart. However, all of my feelings yet can not be said and well expressed through this letter. I am very grateful i can meet all of you. To all of you~ truthfully i would like to say Thank You and i love you all.
Best Regards from YOUR Lee Min Ho, 23rd of March 2013~"

source: Dreamers Radio (Indonesian Version)
English Translation: Monika

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