Friday, March 29, 2013

Lee Min Ho confirmed to work with scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook with "Inheritors"

Actor Lee Min Ho will comeback with a drama.
On March 29th, Lee Min Ho's agency confirmed that Lee Min Ho decided to take the role for the upcoming SBS Drama "The One Who Wears the Crown, Endure the Weight - Inheritors (Short: 'Inheritors')" as his next project.
The upcoming drama "Inheritors" will be written by scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook and directed by Kang Jin Hyo PD in which many are anticipating that the three will come back with the best drama of 2013.
Up until now, Lee Min Ho was in "Boys Over Flowers," "Personal Taste," "City Hunter," and "The Faith" which were all well known worldwide, and received many love from fans. While on the other hand, scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook wrote famous dramas such as "Secret Garden," "A Gentleman's Dignity," "Lovers in Paris," etc., and even received the nickname "Viewership Maker."
Also, scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook is well known for creating strong, male lead characters that haven't been surpassed by anyone, so many people are looking forward to what she will bring into Lee Min Ho's new transformation.

Lee Min Ho stated, "I've always wanted to work with scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook since I've been an avid viewer of her works, and now my wish is fulfilled. I believe that this will become a very meaningful work since I'll be working with the scriptwriter and director whom I've always admired."
Scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook also admired and had interest in Lee Min Ho. Scriptwriter Kim wants to create a "Fitting Character" just for Lee Min Ho which showed her dedication.
Hwa and Dam Pictures production company stated, "It is confirmed that Lee Min Ho will be taking the role for the male lead, and we are currently in discussion for the female lead role."
On the other hand, Lee Min Ho is giving his fan service by releasing an album in this coming May, and will start his tour starting with Korea following 10 different cities.

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Lee Min Ho confirmed for new drama ‘Heirs’

You’ll soon be able to enjoy weekly doses of Lee Min Ho as he will be returning to the small screen through a new SBS drama ‘Heirs‘ (working title)!
‘Heirs’ will be a 20-episode drama and has already piqued the interest of fans with the reveal of its top-notch writer and director, Kim Eun Sook and Kang Shin Hyo PD, as well as its male lead Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho shared, “As I normally watch writer Kim’s productions, I wanted to definitely work with her and my wish was fulfilled through this opportunity. Working with the writer and director whom I respect, I think it will become a meaningful production.”
The drama’s production company also stated, “Lee Min Ho is confirmed to play the male lead and we are currently working on the casting of the female lead.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be meeting fans through a 10-city tour across Asia kicking off in Korea on May 25th!
source: allkpop

P.S -> Long Title of Lee Min Ho's New Drama: "왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라" ("The One who Wears the Crown, Endure the Weight")
Short Title of Lee Min Ho's New Drama: "상속자들" ("Inheritors"/"Heirs")

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  1. yay! can't wait to watch it! thanks for informing this great news!! ^^ I've been anticipating his drama comeback after I've kept on repeating his previous dramas (BOF, Personal Taste, City Hunter & Faith).