Friday, March 29, 2013

Lee Min Ho - Upcoming Innisfree Fiesta 18.04.2013

Dear Innisfree fans, we are certain that everyone is so excited to know about the opening of first Innisfree store in Hong Kong. To highlight this joyous occasion, we kindly invite you to take a picture of yourself at the hoarding of Innisfree shop at the junction of Yun Ping Road & Kai Chiu Road in Causeway Bay.

親愛的 Innisfree fans! 我諗大家而家都非常興奮,因為 Innisfree 第一間香港專門店即將開幕! 為慶祝呢個喜慶一刻,我地想邀請大家喺位於銅鑼灣恩平道同啓超道交界的 Innisfree 專門店外牆前面影一張有自己嘅相。

You can then send a private message to us with the picture and your contact details. You may get a chance to win Innisfree special coupon (20 winners) and Innisfree Green Tea Hand Cream (30 winners).

只要將呢張相連同您地嘅聯絡資料用 Facebook message send 俾我地,您就有機會得到 Innisfree購物禮券一張 (共20份) 或 Innisfree綠茶精華保濕護手霜 (共30份) 。

What’s more? 10 lucky winners will have the chance to go to Innisfree Fiesta on 18 April 2013 and to meet with Innisfree spokesperson, Lee Min Ho!

So, you can send us the photo from now till 10 April 2013 and do share with your friends about this great news. We will contact the winners individually and Innisfree HK reserves all rights in final decision.

除此之外,十位幸運嘅 fans 仲有機會參加 2013年4月18日嘅 Innisfree Festa ,同我地代言人李敏鎬親身見面!

由即日起至2013年4月10日您都可以將您地喺專門店前面影嘅相 send 俾我地。咁好嘅消息你地一定要同朋友分享。我地會有專人聯絡勝出嘅幸運 fans。Innisfree HK 保留一切最終決定權。

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