Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lee Min Ho - Semir Commercial Film in Taiwan News 06.03.2013

credits: meowmm

Brief recap on the news

1. On 5th, Lee Min Ho started filming in various locations in Taipei since 6am in the morning.
2. Casually dressed, Lee Min Ho always wears a smile even he had to repeat the same action again & again
3. He was busy trying outfits & discussing on itinery since arrival in Taiwan, thus he only had boxed meal in hotel. Last night he had dinner in Yongkang Street
4. Crew revealed that Lee Min Ho might travel to Taichung & Kenting, where are the similar filming locations of “Life of Pi”
5. Lee Min Ho was filming at a riverside garden during noon time with Taiwanese model Jenna Wang, the female lead of new CF
They filmed in artifical rain & soap bubbles to create a romantic scenery

Source: chinatimes, TW Apple Daily, Liberty Times

Translation by meow

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