Monday, August 1, 2016

Shin Hye Sun follows Five Kids with Lee Min Ho's 'Legend of the Blue Sea'

We’ve got another addition to the SBS buzz project Legend of the Blue Sea, otherwise known as “That Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho Show, Brought to You by the City HunterDirector and You From Another Star Writer.” Sold, sold, sold, and sold. I’m sure there’s a plot and everything, but there’s so much star power there that the hype is expected, inevitable, and perhaps even justified.

With mega-star headliners Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho in place, casting is continuing on to supporting players, with Lee Hee-joon (Yoo-na’s Street) recently being added and now Shin Hye-sun as well. Shin had small supporting roles in Oh My Ghostess (as the hero’s sweet wheelchair-bound sister) and She Was Pretty (as a cute and materialistic magazine writer), but it’s really her current role in KBS’s weekend drama Five Kids that’s given her a surge of popularity, thanks to her crowd-pleaser of a romance with Sung Hoon.
Legend of the Blue Sea will be a fantasy romance that is inspired by a folktale of a mermaid who was caught by a fisherman and the governor who returned her to the sea. The drama will take elements of the original Joseon-era tale and set it in modern-day Korea, with Jeon Ji-hyun playing a mermaid who comes to the city, where she meets “the wickedest con artist around” (Lee Min-ho) and ends up falling in love with him. Hm, I knew he was a con artist, but the wickedest-on-earth descriptor is new and interesting — I’m used to seeing Lee Min-ho playing reserved or aloof, but I’m not used to con artist charisma or blatant charm from him. It’d be a nice change of pace, and I’m intrigued.

Lee Hee-joon is set to play another con artist who initially guides Lee Min-ho, while Shin Hye-sun will play Lee Min-ho’s university hoobae who’s now a researcher at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). The character is pretty, smart, and logical, and displays a lot of affection for weak and powerless people and animals. Does that extend to people-animals like mermaids who steal away her sunbae’s heart?

Shin Hye-sun will start work on Legend of the Blue Sea immediately after wrapping up work on Five Kids. This will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama premiering in November, which follows Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Jung-seok’s Jealousy Incarnate, which follows Wanted.

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source: DramaBeans

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