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Lee Min Ho for PROMIZ 2016 Transparent Two Person Umbrella Campaign x Kakao Story Funding ESSAY - 22.08.2016 (Episode 2)

The reason why Lee Min Ho created the "Transparent Two-Person Umbrella"

"Hello, i am Lee Min Ho"

It's been a week since i started the "Transparent Two-Person Umbrella" with all of you. The hearts that was received was over 2 Millions when the first target was 1 Million and behind that, actually there are two missions that i wanted to achieved.

Right now 2,500 "Transparent Two-Person Umbrella" has been distributed to elementary schools in the country side and because of that, i am very thankful to all of you. Thank you to all of you who had 'click the hearts' and in return, giving them special gifts. Thank you for all of you who seriously take part in this.

Today, following the first episode that mainly introducing and explaining the "Transparent Two-Person Umbrella" project, i would like to take time to talk more to all of you for a while. I personally have an experience in a big accident and therefore, i am interested in projects encouraging traffic safety and prevent traffic accidents, especially to those youngsters and children after i saw the statistic.

"No.1 Reason of Children-Death is accident"

According to OECD's (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ) Statistic for the past 10 years, the strongly stated that the number 1 reason behind children's death are traffic accidents especially with cars.
Our country South Korea has been doing a lot of things to reduce the fatalities and effect of traffic accidents, but i personally think that there are still too many children had died in traffic accident especially when they're walking. Children who are vulnerable are particularly kindergarten and elementary school students who walked a lot in their young age.

I was looking at the statistic and saw that 84,6% of children who experienced traffic accidents are kindergarten and elementary school students, and particularly during the school time or while they're on the way to school or going back.I was personally troubled by the statistic and thinking on the traffic safety of these children.

'I wonder if there's really a way to prevent the children on the traffic accident even by a little' is what i was thinking, i was worried on finding out the way for these children to be safer.

I was looking for the reason on why the children had to suffer the traffic accident while walking, and there are many reason behind it. However, rather than the children, i wanted to put it on the concentration on the adults too. Especially adults should also be more conscious of their surrounding while driving their car, to always focus when they're sometimes talking with the passengers or even on their cell phone. In addition, children had relatively small physic which make the adults (the driver) unable to see them and unable to stop the car in time when the children walk to their direction. That is also the reason behind the traffic accident happening to children while walking.

"And how about during those rainy days?"

Most children think that rainy days are interesting for them, and adults who are driving mainly can't hear anything except the rain sounds. And more importantly, the view of adults are getting narrower up to only 2/3 or more. This is very important, Rain also narrowing the driver's vision and they're unable to see the children walking or even crossing the road. It is also important to remind the small children that during rainy days it's very dangerous when they walk, and make training programs to make sure of their safety, making them realizing the importance of their safety. In my opinion with PROMIZ charity platform, this could be the most effective yet easy and simple way.

"And what do you think on the effect of this Transparent Two-Person Umbrella"

Parents and adults tend to give the children or their kids, their big and heavy umbrella that are available at home which the children sometimes had difficulties holding, and it'll become dark in front of them, making them unable to see their surrounding in which it become dangerous for them. While it's made of lighter material and smaller, children who hold the umbrella would be able to see their surrounding with the Transparent Two-Person Umbrella.

"The Transparent Two-Person Umbrella Project for the children"

Me in PROMIZ Charity Platform has been coming up with this Transparent Two-Person Umbrella since 2015. and now i'm focusing more on the children to join the project especially giving this to the school who didn't have umbrella prepared for the children.

For the adults joining this project, the process is really simple. To provide the Transparent Two-Person Umbrella in each classroom at school and staff office and school, and when adults only had the heavy umbrella, make sure the children use the PROMIZ Transparent Two-Person Umbrella. With this project, children can return home safer and they can return the umbrella on the next day. The process of borrowing and returning might be simple, but in a way i am sure that this could also make the children learn the sense of responsibility.

After this project on 'Clicking the Hearts to share happiness' for the Transparent Two-Person Umbrella , i am watching the whole process and i am really happy. Thank you once again for all of you who join this project. Next, from now on with PROMIZ should be more project to be introduced. The mission has been accomplished but from now on is the real mission. Whether you had more stories please share?

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