Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lee Jung Jae praises Big Bang's T.O.P, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, and Lee Min Ho

During a recent interview, Lee Jung Jae said, "I watch dramas a bit nowadays. I watched 'W' because I heard it was really good, and I also watched 'Uncontrollably Fond' starringKim Woo Bin and Suzy."

He went on to praise, "They can act, they are charming, they have stardom, they are tall and handsome.. I'm envious. As a viewer watching Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk, I can't help but go 'Wow! they're so handsome!' But above them all, T.O.P is #1 to me, and actor Lee Min Ho has also caught my attention lately."

Lee Jung Jae then explained his relationship with Lee Min Ho, saying, "I was close with the producer of the movie 'Gangnam 1970'. Lee Min Ho knew so and asked me, 'Sunbaenim! Please buy me a drink.' Of course, I have to when a handsome and talented hoobae asks me to buy him a drink. We were busy so we couldn't contact one another, but when I had a schedule in China at the beginning of the year, Lee Min Ho did too, so we rode on the plane together and had dinner."

source: AllKPop

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  1. he knows who is good and awesomme...thos 4 are really getting better all the time