Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lee Min Ho’s guilty pleasure

The Korean star with the squeaky-clean image was back in town after a year

Text & Photos: Lee Wei Lin
Additional Photos: Dang Hui Ling & Wu Qi
Videos: Teng Siew Eng & Vina Chia

Korean actor-now-singer Lee Min Ho is one of the lucky few Hallyu stars that have managed to retain their squeaky-clean image. The only time he’s been caught red-handed for anything was for dating his City Hunter co-star Park Min Young in 2011.

The 27-year-old tackled some of the questions posted to him at the OSIM 35th anniversary press conference held at the Westin Hotel ahead of his meet-and-greet session with almost machine-like efficiency. One prime example was this: when asked what he feels are the requirements of becoming a “male goddess” – a title bestowed on him – he mused, “I think being a male goddess isn’t really about the appearance itself but more of being responsible and being able to protect your loved ones.”

Our ears perked up when he moved on to admit that he “has received complaints from other hotel guests”. What could this male goddess possibly have done to end up encountering the wrath of fellow hotel guests? Could he possibly have strange habits that were – gasp – better kept behind closed doors?
“When I’m relaxing, I like to listen to really loud music,” he chuckled. Death metal music, perhaps? “No, I just like to turn up the volume of whatever I’m listening to,” he explained.

Oh, we thought. Is that it? While one might be tempted to write him off as a typical goodie-two-shoes or a drone programmed to spit out pre-approved answers, we couldn't help but to be charmed by his sincerity and affable nature.

source: XinMSN

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