Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lee Min Ho, trying to be more masculine


SINGAPORE — Don’t be too surprised if you see Lee Min-ho looking just a little worse for wear in his upcoming movie, Gangnam Blues.

The Korean superstar, who was speaking today (Sept 27) to reporters at a press conference at The Westin Singapore, said he gave up on lotion so that he would look a little more rugged for his role.

“I moved on to Gangnam Blues from The Heirs, and I think I looked a little too well-maintained for the role,” said Lee, who was in Singapore to celebrate OSIM’s 35th anniversary as the ambassador for OSIM’s uDiva massage sofa. “And for the next six months, I didn’t put on any lotion, so that I would look a little more manly to play my character.”

He quipped: “I could really feel my skin deteriorating, so that was not a pleasant experience.”

source: Today Online

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